Our service

What you get

We offer a tight team with cross-disciplinary expertise to bring it all together. You deal with the doers - not a client services team. We’ve found that building a close working relationship with clients allows for the most effective work. This is why smart SMEs, big brands and global corporates have stuck with us with our most established relationships still going after 8 years. Executing a long term strategy is always bigger than any one project.

What we do

We work with you to navigate the complexity of developing and executing your digital strategy and to better understand your customer’s behaviour online. We then identify and work on the creative ideas that will make them tick and prototype ways of bringing them to life.

If there is a need for specialist skills, we bring the right people together and manage this collaborative process to achieve the project objectives.

What our clients say

Pepper Digital is more than a 'web development' company to Morgan Lovell. They are essential part of our marketing team. When it comes to digital marketing, we don’t make a decision without them.

Paul Kelly, Head of Marketing, Morgan Lovell

Ah, Pepper: they instantly understood what we were after (even when we weren’t entirely clear ourselves), got the spirit of our brand (even though it made their design job trickier) and were always calm and easy to work with (even when we wanted to tinker with the fine details over and over.) Would we work with them again? Definitely.

Nick Parker, Managing partner, The Writer

We were impressed with Pepper’s work on client projects, so they were the natural choice when we came to refresh our own website. The team understood exactly what we needed and created a site that’s great to use, attracts admiring glances and wins us work. Who could ask for more?

Matthew Blackbourn, Copywriter, Polon

Pepper Digital created our first website when we started trading in 2014. The website was set up very quickly with careful attention to detail. This meant we had a presence on the internet just as we started our business. Later we worked with Pepper Digital to upgrade our website. They produced a very professional website tailored to our needs.

Erlend Norby, Owner, Taliare

The friendly site was produced by Pepper Digital who took the brief and delivered a site that does what we asked. How good to work with a London agency (in any discipline) who contribute significantly without being precious.

Keith Jacobs, Marketing, Lok'nStore

Our network

By bringing in the right skills for the right job we can make take on larger and more complex jobs.

We work with some very talented individuals and companies in copywriting, photography, HTML5, PPC, illustration, video production and have an excellent in-house team to help bring it all together and deliver your project.

Our focus

Focussed strategy

A good strategy gets the most out of a website. So we help you develop an overall website strategy for your business. We'll look at your messaging, content, site usability and search engine optimisation (SEO). This includes developing an intuitive structure for your website and suggesting effective ways for you to create, publish and promote content.

Creative ideas and design

Once we know what you want to achieve, we come up with creative ideas that will strike a chord with visitors. Then we translate these into the main web design and support content. This is the most visible part of any website and vital to get right. With our obsessive attention to detail, you can be sure your message is presented in the most effective way.

Works on any device

We make sure that your site works well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So wherever people are, and however they access your site, they'll always get the same great content – just presented in a way that makes the best use of space on the device they’re using. The fancy term for this is device independence.

Great user experiences

Happy users are more engaged. That’s good news because it means they’re more likely to buy your product, hire your services, or tell their friends how terrific you are. By ensuring your site works well for your visitors (user experience design is the technical term), we help you spread a little happiness

Outstanding support content

Design is all about the detail. So sometimes an eye-catching illustration or distinctive photograph (we hate those stock libraries) gives you just the visual focus you need. We create or commission support content that can explain what you do, grab someone’s attention or simply support your brand feel.

Memorable video

Video helps people remember your message. It’s a fact proven by research, which shows that recall is better after watching a video online than it is for other media. This makes video an increasingly cost-effective way to reach your audience – something we’ll help you do. If your message lends itself to video, we’ll help you make best use of it and ensure it plays equally well on a mobile.

More than just words

Words are incredibly powerful things. On a website they can grab attention, build trust, and persuade people to take action. That’s why words deserve as much thought, as much agonising over and as much investment as design. And it’s why we work with talented wordsmiths who can create a tone for your business online, write the copy for your site and train you to continue writing in a consistent way.

Effective content management

A flexible and robust content management system (CMS) makes it easy to update your site. We set up your CMS so it lets you focus on what you want to say and fits into your editorial flow.