Project detail

  • Deloitte’s 2016 report used the firm’s new identity for the first time
  • We led on both digital and print, designing creative from scratch
  • The website’s simple design belies its hidden depths
Professional services
Annual report

Back in 2009, we worked with professional services giant Deloitte on its first digital annual report. By 2016, the Deloitte brand had been refreshed with a striking new identity. The annual report would be the first communication to use it and we were to help the marketing team ensure it provided a fitting showcase.

So, although we’d worked on previous reports, everything had to be created from scratch for 2016. And we led the design effort to do that – creating infographics, designing the layout and even putting together a printed brochure summarising the online content.

For the report website, we created a simple-to-use design that belies its hidden depths. Users can open out a series of accordions to drill down into different themes.

Want to know more about the impact of Brexit on audit? No problem. Keen to explore the latest innovations in tax? Simply expand the content and read away.

Deep linking to these areas makes it easy to share the content on social media. And we also used two-way widgets to integrate the stories with the main Deloitte platform. This enables readers to follow the content they’re interest in, even across different websites.

And what about those ripples? For the characteristic hero creative, we used code-driven 3D modelling and animation. Designed to work as both a still and a moving image, the concept translates seamlessly across digital and print.