Project detail

  • We helped the Greeting Card Association boost membership
  • The colourful new website we created increased web traffic
  • Packed with useful info, the site is now also responsive
Trade association
Brochure and ecommerce

The new website we created to help the Greeting Card Association (GCA) promote the industry increased web traffic, boosting membership.

The greeting card industry is a bright place to be. So we used the GCA’s distinctive colour scheme to create a shiny new website with a clearer, more organised content hierarchy.

The website is the hub for information and contacts for the greeting card industry in the UK. Packed with information for new publishers, artists, writers, teachers and students, it’s also the place to find publishers and specialist suppliers such as printers.

To keep up with the ever-expanding industry, we worked with GCA again recently. We refreshed key webpage layouts, developed new sections and catered for evolving browsing habits by making the site responsive.

We also developed the website’s membership system. This is opening it up to new membership groups as well as providing existing members with more ways to personalise their pages.

We used Pepper Digital to redesign the GCA’s website, build the membership further and streamline our workload. They offer a friendly, creative and very reliable service and I’ve found working with them an absolute pleasure

Sharon Little, CEO