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  • Our reservation portal has boosted Lok’nStore’s conversion rates
  • It’s now one of the company’s most successful ways of generating leads
  • The portal is part of a site that we redesigned to be 50% quicker
Business and self storage
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The get-a-price reservation portal we planned, designed and implemented for leading self-storage company Lok'nStore has boosted conversion rates and is now the company’s main way of generating leads.

A crucial part of the wider Lok'nStore site, which we also created, the portal makes a complex process simple. To show people what fits into different sizes of storage container, we created a rendered 3D space estimator.

Basically, it’s a bit like a giant game of Tetris. Got enough stuff to fill two Transit vans? You’ll need a 50 sq ft container. Storing everything from a 5-bedroom home? It’s the 200 sq ft container for you.

As a potential customer, once you’ve seen for yourself what sort of space you might need then all you have to do is say how long you want to store your stuff for. Then you get a price. How simple is that?

The portal is supported by a wider – and newly redeveloped website – that shows there’s more to storage than bubble wrap and big boxes. Developed four years after we launched the previous Lok'nStore website, the new site is informed by data on how people make decisions about when and where to store their stuff.

The site redesign was all about presenting content clearly and quickly – something that’s vital when you’re competing in a packed market sector like storage. We also started again under the hood with a focus on performance.

The result is a 50% speed boost, making the Lok'nStore site one of the best performers in the industry.

The friendly site was produced by Pepper Digital who took the brief and delivered a site that does what we asked. How good to work with a London agency (in any discipline) who contribute significantly without being precious.

Keith Jacobs, Marketing