Project detail

  • Our site reflects the Nuffield Theatre’s personality and passion
  • Enjoyable and easy to use, the site makes the most of great content
  • A journal section gives users a peek behind-the-scenes 

We created a site that’s full of Nuffield’s personality and the passion this leading south-coast theatre has for performance. Our site was also friendlier and more enjoyable to use and manage than its predecessor.

A thorough website evaluation and complete overhaul gave the Nuffield Theatre a new content strategy, bespoke layouts and a Spetrix integrated content management system.

Crucailly, we struck the right balance between the content required and the resources available to manage it. Getting this right allowed us to set up the content management system in the most efficient way.

This theatre certainly has a wealth of content. So we created the Nuffield Journal section of the site as a hub to let people in on all the behind-the-scenes action. It houses interviews, rehearsal shots, opinion pieces and news. 

Key events can be promoted in different ways throughout the site. And the easy-to-use homepage calendar and event filters give users more control over the content they’d like to see.

What’s more, cast members, playwrights and directors can create profiles for themselves linked to the theatre productions and related quotes.

To help reinforce the branding, a condensed version of the header bar stays visible at the top of the page as users scroll. We also used the Nuffield green throughout the site to highlight key pieces of content.