Project detail

  • Our work helps establish Royale Oceanic as superyacht experts
  • Evolving over time, the site now features detailed charter information 
  •  Crisp imagery, clear navigation and useful content define the design
Corporate website

Over the years, we’ve ensured the website we created for superyacht industry experts Royale Oceanic has evolved to keep pace with the firm’s growing reputation.

Crisp imagery and clear navigation form the foundation of this website. So, naturally, we had to have a photo-shoot in the South of France (a tough assignment, we know, but someone had to do it).

The challenge was then balancing the achingly elegant images with useful content. Our goal: to create a site that would reflect Royale Oceanic's reputation as the superyacht experts. 

No one likes to trawl through reams of unnecessary text. Adding call-outs, applying heading styles and using page-body imagery all helped to break large pieces of content into manageable sections.

Simplified navigation made the content easy to find. And coupling the beauty of the sea with clean page layouts and large, relevant imagery created a site that felt established and dynamic. 

Maintaining the personal touch on the site was important. So we added a features section that gives Royale Oceanic the chance to talk more openly about parts of the superyacht industry that interest them most.

As the company evolved its charter business, we added an in-depth charter section. This gives potential customers a taste of what it’s like to rent their own yacht for an unforgettable journey through the Caribbean or the Balearics.

We selected Pepper Digital to build our website on the basis that they listened to our brief, then they developed an understanding of our services, succinctly explained what they were going to do, then delivered it. They are extremely responsive, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Dean Smith, Marketing Director