Project detail

  • Taliare’s identity and website embody its high-quality tailoring
  • The site explains the high-tech approach to made-to-measure
  • It reflects founder Erlend’s helpful and approachable style

Saville Row tailor Erlend Norby is used to creating beautiful clothes from scratch. For his new venture, Taliare, he came to us with an open brief and we created a bespoke brand and digital presence for him.

Working with Sam Muir, we created a new visual identity that represents the personal service Erlend offers and the quality of his tailoring. If you think tailors are stuffy or intimidating, you haven’t met Erlend. Getting clothes made by him is a pleasure from start to finish.

The Taliare brand centres on the idea of a shield containing the initial T. The gold, pink and grey colour scheme added a touch of sensitivity to reflect the attention to detail. This is used across the shop-front signage, bags, stationery and wrapping paper.

Pepper Digital created our first website when we started trading in 2014. The website was set up very quickly with careful attention to detail. This meant we had a presence on the internet just as we started our business. Later we worked with Pepper Digital to upgrade our website. They produced a very professional website tailored to our needs.

Erlend Norby, Owner